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Our Commitment 



At Native Chiropractic we believe you are designed to be amazing in your own unique way. We are committed to ensuring you receive individualised care most appropriate for you!


We are passionate about igniting your bodies ability to self-heal & self-regulate by delivering fantastic chiropractic care.


We promise to create a safe & nourishing space where you can heal, connect & thrive during your journey to a healthier you. 



Here at Native we understand your health is a reflection of your environment & we love working with your nervous system to enhance your internal environment so you can heal, adapt & thrive. 

We also know its our responsibility to be the change! 


We are committed to creating a healthier community naturally. 



We are a community centred practice dedicated to empowering & uplifting the families of Christchurch to make sustainable health choices.

We are committed to give back to our community by contributing 1% of our profits to environmental causes for the growth & restoration of our beautiful corner of the world. 

We stand for what we stand on. 



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