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About Us 


Growing a healthier 

community naturally 

About chiropractic 

We take care of your nervous system because it takes care of you 

Chiropractors specifically analyse & correct imbalance & interference within your nervous system to allow your body to heal & function the way it is designed to. 

What to expect 

We don't guess... We test! 

We don't want to guess with your health, we want to know. The first step is to book your initial consultation here at Native Chiropractic to see how we can help. 

Who we help 

Serving the community of Christchurch from bump, birth & beyond 

Native Chiropractic is a community centred practice dedicated to uplifting & empowering the families of Christchurch to make more sustainable health choices. 

Our fee's 

Our fee structure 

We are here to support your family's health & wellbeing. 

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