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Dr Elly Packham 

C H I R O P R A C T O R 

Originally from Perth, Western Australia, my journey started back in 2010 when I stumbled into this amazing thing called chiropractic, it impacted my life so much after many years travelling the globe, I settled in beautiful Aotearoa to follow my dream, graduating from the world-renowned New Zealand College of Chiropractic.

I am passionate about igniting the body's ability to heal and empowering my people to join me on a more sustainable journey of health. I LOVE working with families to be the healthiest version of them self to get the most out of life. Although my real passion is working with the younger members of our community, I believe that every child should have the opportunity to get their nervous system checked & adjusted to start life clear & connected! 

I am very grateful for the incredible experiences I have had to connect & adjust remote communities around the world such as Haiti, Dominican Republic & Rarotonga. These incredible experiences have shaped who I am as a chiropractor and shown me the importance of connection & comm-UNITY. I believe that everyone should have access to chiropractic & this sense of community is the essence of Native Chiropractic. 

If I am not at Native you will find me exploring Sumner beach or the Port hills with Elke our German Shepherd, playing in the veggie garden or creating nourishing food.

I love the Sumner community and I look forward to you being a part of ours here at Native Chiropractic.


C H I R O P R A C T I C    A S S I S T A N T  


Growing up on a farm in the deep south of New Zealand & completing my tertiary education here in beautiful Christchurch in Fine Arts, I am so happy to call Christchurch home. 


Recently I’ve spent time traveling and working around Aotearoa & Hawaii connecting, working with people and communities and living sustainably off the grid. My travels and work lead me to the island of Waiheke & the tropical island of Maui, Hawaii where I spent some time in the vineyards, growing micro greens & exploring the beautiful landscapes. 


Here in Christchurch, in my spare time when I’m not exploring in nature I love to create, play & dance like no one is watching. 


I am incredibly passionate about holistic health and I am so grateful for chiropractic to be such a huge part of my life. I continue to be inspired by the positive impact that Native has on our community, empowering ALL to THRIVE in life.


I love connecting with our beautiful community of Sumner and I am so thrilled to help support & share your healing & health journey at Native Chiropractic. 


7/43 Nayland St


Christchurch 8081 

We are located in the Sumner Mall, next door to Super Value.


03 326 5060 


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