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What to expect 

What to expect 

"while other professions are concerned with changing the environment to suit the weakened body, chiropractic is concerned with strengthening the body to suit the environment" 


Initial Consultation 


Your first visit to the office will give us the opportunity to connect with you and listen to your health needs.

At Native Chiropractic, we care about your wellness goals and strive to help you achieve them to the best of our ability. During this time we will ask that you provide as much detail about your individual needs and concerns.

We will then perform a thorough assessment of your spine & nervous system including 

  • Chiropractic assessment 

  • Neuro-spinal examination 

  • Insight nervous system scans 

  • Functional neurological testing 

  • Digital posture assessment 

  • Spinal range of motion 

  • Neuro-development & primitive reflexes 

  • X-ray referral (if required) 

Our office understands the needs of our smaller practice members, especially with Neuro-developmental and Sensory Processing challenges. In these cases, we will provide a specific sensory-based assessment for your child.

Please let us know before your first visit how we can best accommodate you and your child’s needs such as setting up a phone consultation, splitting appointment times, or blocked off hours for an in-office examination.

Report of Findings 

Following your initial consultation your chiropractor will have gained a lot of information on the function of your spine & nervous system. Your second appointment is called your report of findings this is where we will sit down with you & explain in detail

  • What we found 

  • Why this has occurred 

  • Your individualised care plan & recommendations 

  • Your first adjustment (if you would like to get started) 






During your regular adjustment visits we will check & adjust your spine & nervous system using a range of techniques specially selected for your unique needs. 

We understand the needs of our community

  • We are a family friendly office where your little ones are welcome to join you. 

  • We offer flexible appointment times to fit in with your lifestyle from 7am to 6:30pm appointments available. 

  • We love your furry friends too, we have water available & an easy place for them to wait for you. 

  • Running early, no problem pop in for a cup of tea, a chat or 10 minutes to yourself in the waiting area. 



Following a determined number of visits with your Chiropractor we re-perform the tests from your 1st visit so we can assess the changes and progress achieved under Chiropractic care and determine how to proceed from this point.

Our fee's 

Initial consultation (adult)                                     90 

Initial consultation (child)                                      70 

Adjustment (adult)                                                 50 

Adjustment (gold card/student)                            40

Adjustment (child 1)                                               40 

Adjustment (child 2)                                               30

Adjustment (child 3)                                               20 

Family Adjustment (2 adults 2 children)                150

Family Adjustment (2 adults 3 children)                170

* Speak to us about our annual membership options

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