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Your pregnancy journey + chiropractic

pregnant woman receiving wellness chiropractic adjustment
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In nine short months, every single day brings with it new developments as two little cells become 3 trillion. Your baby's brain & nervous system form, heartbeat begins & the senses awaken, all before the very first breath! Pregnancy & birth are incredible & at times a challenging experience for both mum & baby. As you make important choices you are creating the ideal environment for you & your growing baby.

Chiropractic care ensures that the brain and the body are well connected, so both mum and baby can go through pregnancy with ease. Changes in weight bearing as the baby grows puts increased strain and tension on the mother’s lower back and pelvis. By ensuring the pelvis and spine are stable yet flexible the baby is able to grow and develop in a comfortable environment.

Visiting a chiropractor through out your pregnancy has shown

By encouraging proper pelvis and spinal function with chiropractic care, research has shown a 24% reduction in labour time for first-time mothers, and 39% reduction for experienced mothers.

Another study found that patients who incorporated chiropractic adjustments during their pregnancy had a 50% decrease in the need for pain-relief during delivery.

Chiropractic care has been shown to ease symptoms in up to 85% of pregnant women, decreasing the need for pain-relief medication that may not be ideal for the baby’s health.

A recent study published in 2016 stated that females under chiropractic care had increased function, control and relaxation of their pelvic floor muscles. This is essential when it comes to a confident and comfortable delivery.

We are passionate about supporting your pregnancy journey + help you prepare for your ideal birth.

As always please do not hesitate to reach out if you are in Christchurch via or if you need help finding an amazing pregnancy chiropractor in your town.

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