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How can chemicals impact your nervous system?

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

In our daily lives there are three main types of stress; physical, chemical and emotional. Our nervous system is constantly having to adapt to these stressors in our ever-changing environment.

The more stress your body takes on day to day will cause the stressors to pile up, making them harder to clear. When this load builds up it can slow down our normal function, affect how you feel and limits how well your body is able to perform its usual tasks.

So what is chemical stress?

Anything that we put in our body or onto our skin!

Chemical stress is so important as we often don’t realise how many chemicals are actually in our everyday products! It is not just the obvious items such as pesticides or cleaning products.

They are also in items such as makeup, perfume, deodorant, candles and processed food.

We can reduce our chemical load simply by reducing the amount of chemicals in our environment.

What would you be willing to change?

Could you try different ways of cleaning or essentials oils instead of perfume?

You don’t have to change everything - even just making a few swaps can massively decrease the load on your nervous system!

As chiropractors we recognise the impact these chemicals have on our function. Our role is to help reduce the stress that has built up and allow you to have a more balanced nervous system; making it easier to adapt to all of these life stressors.

If you would like to learn more about what stressors may be affecting your health and wellbeing visit or schedule your initial consultation online at

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