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Are you living life stuck in a fight/flight response?

Did you know that chiropractic works directly on your nervous system?

There are two main parts of our nervous system

- Parasympathetic (rest and digest) aka our brake pedal

- Sympathetic (fight or flight) aka gas pedal

We are meant to live life in complete balance, but due to out stressful world and balancing life, work and family most of us live our lives stuck in a sympathetic dominance or have our gas pedal on at all times.

Signs that we are stuck in a fight/flight response can be:

- Anxiety and worry

- Weaker immune responses

- Increased pain and decreased mobility

- Digestive issues

- Low energy levels and poor sleep quality

When your body is under stress, it creates dis-connect between your brain and your body. This stress or interference in your nervous system can put your body in a “fight or flight” response moving your body towards adrenal fatigue.

The fight/flight response in itself is not a bad thing! If you were getting chased by a tiger you want your stress hormones and blood pressure to go up to prep your to fight or run away.

In turn, things like fertility, digestion and immunity will all go down as it’s not important in that moment.

But out body still responds to stress this way whether it is real or perceived.

Is it a car cutting us off, dwelling on a challenging conversation or stuck on a to do list?

- Your neurology is still responding like there is a tiger stalking you!

The chiropractic adjustment allows your body to be in a state of ease freeing stress related interference from your nervous system allowing your body to function optimally and adapt to all the of the stressors of life.

At Native our HRV scan shows us if you are stuck in a sympathetic state. It works to determine how much stress the nervous system is under and to understand the system’s ability to regulate and adapt to stress.

Are you living your life with your foot on the gas pedal?

If you would like to find out more about how to support your nervous system and bring it into a more balanced state connect with us at or 03 326 5060

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